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First some general information on KRE:

RIESENGUTHLAND-ELLERMARK: Independent, absolute kingdom in and around Düsseldorf plus few exclaves, 0,001 km², about 30 inhabitants. 3 provinces: Ellermark, Riesenguthland and Friedensfreistaat.
The territory consists of the domiciles and estates of its subjects and other inhabitants incl. any free space lying directly inbetween whithin Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach and the surrounding districts. Capital: Ellermark-City. Official languages: German, Dutch(Ellermark) English(Riesenguthland).
The King in office is absolute Ruler of the country, the provincial governments can only work with his agreement.
Scenery: Mostly flats, highest mountain: The Hingehsteige in Ellermark.
ECONOMY: Legal tender (currency-reform April 13th 1991) is the "NEUE KRONE" ("new crown") (NK), 1 NK = 100 Krönchen, 1 KRE-NK = 1.13 EU-€ (rate October 16th 2002). Economy is going rather smoothly, and we like it that way. Main trading-partners are the Republic of Flacsberg and the Netherlands. Most exported product is cake, most imported products are chips and vla. There is no excise, income-tax, however, is relatively high (above KRE's subsistence-level).
HISTORY: On November 18th 1988 Tosti was crowned King of a piece of a flat the size of a carpet then called Guthland after occupiing it. Then King Tosti 0,842nd conquered first the room (Großguthland) and finally the entire flat (Riesenguthland). Later he married the occupant (as King he can conduct people into marriage) who by that became Queen, but has already been expatriated by now. Soon after that his flat in Ellerstraße became part of the country, too (province of Ellermark); Some of the people who wanted to belong to the Kingdom founded a third province (Friedensfreistaat). Since then more and more humans want to belong to the Kingdom, their flats etc. form further parts and towns in the ever growing 3 provinces of Riesenguthland-Ellermark.

There are embassadors from abroad. We also have diplomatic relations via the internet with various micronations.
These relations are not intense, a small country like KRE cannot spare much energy for foreign affairs. This is also the reason why KRE is currently not a member-country of the L.O.S.S. (League of Secessionist States). If, after reading this, you decide to contact us, please be patient. Thank you.
The heir to the throne will be found by games among the knights and the Queen or follow heritage.
National holiday with celebrations in the Royal palace for all inhabitants is every Fryday-13th., the flag consists of 3 horizontal bars: (from above) violet; white with crowned bottle- and-crown coat of arms; blue.

So much about our country in general, now here are a few impotant institutions:

The following persons now belong to the Kingdom EVENTS:

The next national holiday will be celebrated in September 2024.
"Everlasting" list of Friday-the-thirteenth-s:

Friday 13th in the following months of
normal years leapyears if January 1st is a
April, July September, December Monday
September, December June Tuesday
June March, November Wednesday
February, March, November February, August Thursday
August May Friday
May October Saturday
January, October January, April, July Sunday

Note that the 29th of February and the beginning of spring are bank-holidays in Riesenguthland-Ellermark as well!



Riesenguthland was the first province of KRE. The provincial colour is violet, just like the colour of this text. The symbol ist the crown, as the Kingdom was founded here. Any parts of KRE south of the Motorway A46 and east of the river Rhine form the province.
The official languages are English and German.
Unfortunately, not many people live in Riesenguthland today.
More information on the province of RIESENGUTHLAND may follow here some day.

Last update: October 21st '23